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Make: GMC
M odel: Allegheny
Year: 1997
GVWR: 33,000#
Miles: 112,000 KM
Hours: 8300
Payload: 6-8 tons
Price: $17,500

2006 International 4400

Name: Scott
Phone: 765-457-8255


Make: International
Model: Shred Tech 26GT
Year: 2010
GVWR: 26,000
Miles: 132,258
Hours: 1430 - Old Knives >50 - New Knives
Payload: 9,500 lbs
Price: $134,900



2006 International 4400

Brand new shredder knives and shafts professionally installed by Shred Tech. This is a great truck ready to work. Recently purchased this truck from Shred Tech as a backup when our primary truck was down for a while. Ready to sell and priced right.

Name: Trace Hartridge
Phone: 912-223-3740


Make: 2006 International Series 4400
Model: Shred-Tech Model 35GT
Engine Size, DT570
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 294,850
Shredder Hours: 3,186
Payload: 10,000 Lbs.
OLD Price: $79,900

New Price: $69,900


2006 International 4400

This shred truck is a perfect addition to any fleet or a great way to start a mobile shredding business. This truck has the right combination of speed and power--it will shred just about anything. This truck has had a single owner and has been very well maintained.

For more information, see our website at:

Name: John Chapman
Phone: 866.933.7171
Fax: 866.957.9857


Make: Kenworth
Model: T300
Year: 2006
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 167,908
Hours: 2859
Rates: 5000 lbs per hour
Payload: 33,000
Price: $85,000

2006 International 4400

We bought this truck new in 2006 from AXO, it has been a good truck with little down time it does need a few small things, if you would like more information on this truck please call Dwight Saxon 561-722-3224.

Name: Dwight Saxon
Phone: 561-722-3224


Make: Shred Tech - Freightliner
Model: 30 GT-D257
Year: 2011
GVWR: 33000
Miles: 88,929
Hours: 986
Rates: 6500
Payload: 14000
OLD Price: 145,900

New Price: 140,900

2006 International 4400

This truck will be a great addition to the fleet for any company. This is a single owner and has been well maintained and is located in Phoenix, AZ. You like it, than make a offer, see you soon!

Name: Mike Morelock
Phone: 817-330-8788
Cell: 817-805-0704


Make: Shred Tech
Model: 25GT
Year: 2005
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 15,059
Hours: 384
Rates: 3500 a hour ave
Payload: 9000
OLD Price: $98,900

New Price: $85,900

2010 Ultra Shred Hammermill

Very low miles and shredder hours 2005 freightliner with Mercedes Benz engine. Great Truck for a great price. Make an offer and lets see what we can do.

Name: Mike Morelock
Phone: 817-805-0704


Make: Ultra Shred
Model: Hammermill Predator G3 33
Year: 2010
GVWR: 33000
Miles: 67,532
Hours: 800
Rates: 7000 lbs
Payload: 10,000
OLD Price: $ 139,900

New Price: $ 134,900

2010 Ultra Shred Hammermill

Very good truck at a very good price This Tuck in Located in Downey, Ca. Low miles and shred hours, this truck will be a great addition to a fleet or to start a shred business.2010 Freightliner

Name: Mike Morelock
Phone: 817-805-0704


Make: International
Model: 4700 TD46 6E
Year: 1998
GVWR: 32,000
Miles: 290,000
Hours: N/A
Rates: 1,100 lbs per hour
Payload: 10,000
Price: 19,000


2010 Ultra Shred Hammermill

I have owned this truck for two years. I have replaced the alternator, air to air, radiator, front springs, hydraulic cooler fan, rebuilt digital scales with printer, and a $4,000 paint job. The tires have roughly 80% of tread left. The motor was rebuilt at 185,000. The truck runs great. I would not be afraid to drive this truck anywhere in the U.S.

Name: Richard Record
Phone: 918-695-9642
Fax: 918-224-7733


Make: International
Model: 4700
Year: 1995
Miles: 188311
Payload: 10,000
OLD Price: 19500.00

New Price: 17,500.00


1995 International 4700

Nice 1995Ih With Shred Tech MDS-20, twin PTO's, Post style bin tipper Truck.145 Hours on rebuilt shredder. V-8 IH with 7 speed trans with Hyd. brakes Texas Title. New White Paint ready for work.

Name: Jim
Phone: 903-485-2373


Make: Shred-Tech
Model: MDS-35GT
Year: 2007
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 241,725
Hours: 12,104 - Engine / 5,073.6 Shredder
Rates: 6,000 per hour
Payload: 10,000 lbs.
Price: $89,999.99




2006 International 4400

Great "All-Purpose" truck for someone just now breaking into shredding, or for someone who wants to add a dependable truck to their fleet, but does not want to spend $225,000+ for a new truck. This is an exceptional truck for both route & especially purge work. Equipment is on an International 4400 chassis. Hydraulic rear door is great for off-loading of paper, and it is a fantastic rear billboard! This truck has been a workhorse for us for 7 years, and it still shreds as well today as it did when we took delivery in 2007. We put BRAND NEW KNIVES in it 11-months ago, so the shredder is working as if it almost brand new!

Name: Don Gerard, Jr., CPA, CSDS
Phone: 270-793-0880
Fax: 270-793-0884

MSA Mobile Shredding Association

Make: Hino 238
Model: Shred-Tech MDS 15-GT
Year: 2009
GVWR: 23,000
Miles: 189,826
Hours: 1658 - Shredder / 3,960 - Engine
Rates: 4,000 lbs. per hour thru put
Payload: 6,750 Pounds
Price: $95,000

2009 Hino 238 Shred-Tech

This is a NON-CDL truck, so ANYONE can drive it! The truck is on the road today & every day making money! It is a GREAT truck for city routes (highly maneuverable & easy to drive) and is only 24' long. It would make a great shred truck for someone starting out in the shredding business.Features includes Shred-Tech's "Gripper-Tipper" and "Predictive Idle", which turns off the shredder AND the truck when it senses nothing is being shredded. You can literally walk away and forget it!!! Truck is a beautiful rolling billboard and looks fantastic (it has generated A LOT of business for us). Truck is located in Bowling Green, KY. Please contact us with any questions at

Phone: (270) 793-0880
Fax: (270) 793-0884



Make: Vecoplan
Model: VST-321
Year: 2006
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 100,000
Hours: TBD
Rate: TBD
Payload: 7,000 lbs
Price: $89,900

2006 Vecoplan VST-32i International 4400 with DT-466 diesel engine. GVWR 33,000lbs (Class B CDL required) 100,000 miles, Shredding system rebuilt in 2012.

Name: Bart Justice
Office: 256-426-7452


Make: Shredfast
Model: 300 PTS
Year: 2007
Miles: 182,208
Hours: 2198
Price: $149,900

Truck is currently in use.
Miles & Hours as of March 1st 2014

This SF-300 PTS33 Mobile Document Destruction Truck is equipped with a 280 HP OM-906 Mercedes Benz diesel engine, Allison automatic transmission, 33,000 GVW, Split Shaft/Dual PTO & a 18’ aluminum snap panel body. Shredfast lists this unit with 4,000-4,500 lbs per hour of throughput and a Legal Payload Capacity of 9,000 lbs. Major features of this truck include Electric hydraulic controls, Enclosed lockable operator panel, Safety Vision onboard internal surveillance camera’s, Universal bin latch ability, Walking wall material unloading system, Safety strobe lights, Backup camera, Underbody utility boxes. Length 25’10”, Width 8’, Height 12’ 6”. Wheel base is 246" and Cab to axle is 176".

Name: Paul Garfunkel
Office: 973-403-7788
Cell:    973-868-2345


Make: International 4400
Model: Allegheny GMX Mobile Security Grinder
Year: 2005
GVWR: 33,000
Payload: 6,000 lbs
Rate: 3000 lbs/hr
Miles: +118,340
Shredder Hours: +2387
Transmission: 6 Speed Auto
Offload Mechanism: Walking Floor
Air Brakes

Price: $55,000 OBO

Balemaster 4025C

Truck is on the road today making money now. The shred truck will be used until sold! We are looking to upgrade to a faster shredding truck due to customer demands. The shred truck will be sold as is at the time of the sale. This truck would make a great shred truck for someone new starting out in the shredding business. We need to sell this truck fast so we can continue making our customers happy in a timely manner. Truck is located in Farmington Michigan and ready to roll.

The truck also has many new hydraulic hoses

Newer shredding blades. That can be turned up to four times.

Please contact us with any questions at

For more pictures visit

Name: Greg Robinson
Phone: 248-808-0945


Mobile Shredding Association

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