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Make: 2009 International 4400 Durastar
Model: Shred Tech 25GTX
Year: 2009
GVWR: 33000
Miles: 112,900
Hours: 2558
Rates: 2500 - 3000 lbs/hour
Payload: 12000
OLD Price: $114,000

New Price: $105,000

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2009 ShredTech 25GTX

Shred-Tech 2500 GTXvin#1HTMKAAN29H069320 Allison Automatic Transmission Keith Walking Floor Brushed Aluminum Tool Box Chrome Wheels Back up Camera Rear Air Chuck Strobe Light Package Detailed maintenance & service records Shafts & Knives recently replaced No rust or corrosion This truck is flawless

Call Scott Boynton - UNISHRED 954-537-4900
Fort Lauderdale Florida

Phone: 954-537-4900
Fax: 954-567-3600


Make: Freightliner
Model: M2 106
Year: 2014
Miles: 1800
OLD Price: 120,000

New Price: $100,000

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2014 Freightliner M2106

Selling my 2014 Freightliner Truck and shredder. Truck only has 2000 miles and the shredder has about 15 hours of use on it if not less. Selling truck and shredder together for 100K but can also sell them individually. Truck is 26ft and has a PTO installed. Both are pretty much new. The shredder is an AMD-500.

Name: Jorge Neyra
Phone: 703-509-5965


Make: Shredfast
Model: FS 200
Year: 2003
GVWR: 33
Miles: 388217
Hours: 1670
Rates: 4,500lbs per hr
Payload: 9,000lbs
Price: $47,000



2003 Shredfast FS 200

This SF-200 Mobile Document Destruction Truck with mercedes engine. Equiped with a 290HP OM-906 Mercedes Benz diesel engine, Allison automatic transmission, 33,000 GVW, Split Shaft/Dual PTO. This truck is in good condition. The shredder and the engine works great. We use this truck to service our out post. That was why it has high mileage and low shred hours. It shred 4000-4,500lbs per hour of throughput and a Legal Payload Capacity of 9, Safety strobe lights, Backup camera, Underbody storage boxes. Length 25'10", Width 8', Height 12'6". Wheel base is 246" and Cab to axle is 176". This truck has a push body unloading system and its ready to go to work.

Name: Bonn Iheke
Phone: 425-402-9695


Make: Shred Tech
Model: MDS 20
Year: 1998
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 180,000
Rates: 2000
Payload: 10,000
Price: $19,500

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1998 ShredTech MDS 20

1998 Shred Tech MDS20. It's a southern truck and always independently owned. The shredder has the updated triple hook knives and an internal bin tipper. International chassis, 6 speed tranny, side lift gate, dump body. New steer tires. I have the original single hook knives also.

Name: Scott Kilpatrick
Phone: 912-313-5422


Make: Shred-Tech MDS-35GT
Model: International 4400
Year: 2007
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 287,555
Hours: Engine Hours- 14,689 /Shredder Hours- 2,797
Rates: 6,000 lbs. per hour
Payload: 10,000 lbs.
Price: $59,900


2004 Shred Tech

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY - Great "All-Purpose" truck for someone just now breaking into shredding, or for someone who wants to add a hard working truck to their fleet, but does not want to spend $225,000+ for a new truck. This is an exceptional truck for both route & especially purge work. Equipment is on an International 4400 chassis. Hydraulic rear door is great for off-loading of paper, and it is a fantastic rear billboard! This truck has been a workhorse for us for 8 + years, and it still shreds as well today as it did when we took delivery in 2007. We put BRAND NEW KNIVES in it 24-months ago, so the shredder is working as if it were almost brand new!

Phone: (270) 793-0880
Fax: (270) 793-0884


Make: Shred-Tech
Model: MDS-25GTX
Year: 2006
GVWR: 36,000
Miles: 252,028
Hours: 3385
Rates: 3,500
Payload: 10,000
Price: $89,950.00

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2006 ShredTech MDS-25GTX

Pre-emission 2006 Shred-Tech MDS-25GTX on International chassis. Truck is in great condition Contact Chris Chapman for more details 919-632-7808 or

Name: Chris Chapman
Phone: 919-632-7808
Fax: 800-585-5030


Make: HINO 258LP
Model: Shred-Tech GTX-26
Year: 2012
GVWR: 25,500
Miles: 60,000
Hours: 800
Rates: 4500lb/hr
Payload: 9000lbs
Price: $145,000


2012 Veco Plan

With new brakes, rotors and tires this truck is ready to go. It works flawlessly in every aspect. vin# 5pvne8jm3c4s50191. some warranty left.

Name: JEFF
Phone: 845-705-3705


Model: VS32 SHORTY
Year: 2013
Miles: UNDER 20,000
Hours: APPROX. 1100
Screen: 2/14”

2013 Veco Plan


This is a well maintained truck ready to go to work. We are reducing our fleet. An excellent startup truck or addition to your fleet.

Name: Herb Webb
Phone: 877-874-7227


Make: FORD
Model: F-800
Year: 1999
GVWR: 26000 lbs.
Miles: 149,026
Price: 15,000.00

1999 FORD

1999 Ford F-800 with 149,026 miles. Truck Runs Great and Mechanically Sound. Allegheny Shredder and John Deere Katolight 40 Kw Diesel 3-Phase Generator.

Phone: 859-885-4864
Fax: 859-887-4915


Make: 2010 International Series 4300
Model: Shred-Tech Model 26GT
Transmission Type: Automatic
GVWR: 26,000 LBS
Mileage: 89,401
Shredder Hours: 661
Price: $129,900.00

2010 International Series 4300

A perfect addition to any fleet or a great way to start a mobile shredding business. It has the right combination of speed and power--it will shred just about anything. This Non-CDL truck is perfect for tight city streets and urban areas.
For more information, see our website at:

Name: John Chapman
Phone: 919-405-7143


Make: AXO
Model: 608 Select - High Security Shredder
Year: 2007
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 186,100
Hours: 2900
Rates: 6,000 per hour
Payload: 12,000
OLD Price: $88,000

New Price: $82,000

2015 EX63

2007 Kenworth T300 Chassis with the AXO WM 608 Select a Shred. Capable of shredding 6,000 lbs per hour in standard mode. Also offers "high security shredding" mode and "quiet" mode. New transmission and PTO unit installed in April 2015.

Name: Todd McCullough
Phone: 913-327-8889
Fax: 913-327-8890


Make: International 4400
Model: Vecoplan RG32XLM
Year: 2005
GVWR: 33,000
Mileage: 110,219
Engine Hours: 7890
Shred Hours: 2718
Price $74,900

2005 International 4400

VIN: 1HTMKAAN75H119266
Serial # 2004009
DT 466 E Diesel, 210 HP Engine, Allison Automatic Transmission, 22.5 tires on Steel Wheels & Air Suspension.

This truck is marked salvage as it turned over. The truck has been completely serviced and is mechanically sound. This truck has a wheelbase of 250”, a Cab to Axle of 185”, and Walking Floor unloading system.

Name: Paul Garfunkel
Phone: 973-403-7788
Fax: 973-403-3232


Make: Shred-Tech/International
Model: 35GTR
Year: 2007
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 164,888
Hours: 13,482
Rates: 6000-7000 per hour
Payload: 10,000
OLD Price: $98,000

New Price: $85,000

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2007 ShredTech 35GTR

Excellently maintained locally, plus with regular biannual PM service from Shred-Tech throughout ownership. International Durastar 4400 chassis with Maxxforce DT 285hp engine & Allison automatic transmission.

Name: Justin Crume
Phone: 509-586-6090


Make: Isuzu Truck
Model: FTR
Year: 2000
Transmission Type: Automatic
GVWR: 19,501-23,500 LBS
Mileage: 171,703
Generator: Cummins Atlantic – 20KW output
Mobile / Warehouse Paper Shredder: Ameri-Shred 1000
Power Liftgate: Maxon
Price: $35,900.00

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2000 Isuzu FTR

Looking for to get into Mobile Hard Drive Shredding? This truck is ideal for an Ameri-Shred Hard Drive Shredder or an Allegheny Hard Drive Shredder. Hard Drive Shredders placed on this truck are capable of shredding 550-600 Hard Drives an hour. The truck comes with an Ameri-Shred 1000 paper shredder and tipper. Great for someone who is thinking of getting into Mobile Hard Drive Shredding or if you need a backup shred truck:

Name: John Chapman
Phone: 919-405-7143


Make: Mack
Model: CH613
Year: 2000
GWVR: 33,000
Miles: 205313
Hours: 16024
Rates: 4000/hour
Payload: 8000 lbs
Price: $40,000

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2000 Mack CH613

Name: DataShield Corporation
Phone: 402-898-5000


Model Year: 2008 Make: Freightliner
Model: M2 Shredder Manufacturer: UltraShred
Shredder Model: Predator
GVW: 33,000
Engine: MBE 900 Horsepower: 250
Transmission: Allison Automatic
Shredder Hours: 820
Mileage: 40,600 Payload Capacity: 10,000 lb
Throughput: 5,000 lb/hr
Price: $142,900 FOB Seattle

2008 UltraShred

Low miles, lots of chrome with all the bells and whistles. A beautiful truck inside and out.

Name: Jon Kaplan
Phone: 907-229-2268


Make: Shredfast
Model: 300 PTS
Year: 2007
Miles: 208,211
Hours: 14,906
OLD Price: $149,900

New Price: $129,000

2007 Shredfast 300 PTS

This SF-300 PTS33 Mobile Document Destruction Truck is equipped with a 280 HP OM-906 Mercedes Benz diesel engine, Allison automatic transmission, 33,000 GVW, Split Shaft/Dual PTO & a 18’ aluminum snap panel body. Shredfast lists this unit with 4,000-4,500 lbs per hour of throughput and a Legal Payload Capacity of 9,000 lbs. Major features of this truck include Electric hydraulic controls, Enclosed lockable operator panel, Safety Vision onboard internal surveillance camera’s, Universal bin latch ability, Walking wall material unloading system, Safety strobe lights, Backup camera, Underbody utility boxes. Length 25’10”, Width 8’, Height 12’ 6”. Wheel base is 246" and Cab to axle is 176".

Name: Paul Garfunkel
Office: 973-403-7788
Cell:    973-868-2345



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