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Make: Sterling
Year: 2007
GVWR: 34000
Miles: 231492
Payload: 17500
Previous Price: $42,500

Reduced Price: $37,500


2007 Sterling

2007 Sterling Collection Truck.With Shredfast collection body, Clean Truck Had Cam Shaft, Rod & Main Bearing replaced 7598 miles back. Cold A/C, 85% Tires good Brakes. Trailer hitch, Fully Serviced ready to work. We will have decals removed as part of sale. Clean Texas TitleWe no longer providing off site shredding service is why truck for sale. Call Jim for more info

Name: Jim
Phone: 903-485-2373


Make: 2013 UltraShred Predator G3
Model: Freightliner
Year: 2013
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 65,450
Hours: 493
Rates: 7000
Payload: 10,000
Price: $155,000

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2013 UltraShred Predator G3

Extremely nice newer Ultrashred Predator G3 Freightliner M2 with Allison 6 speed automatic, 325 HP Cummins Diesel engine, loaded deluxe cab, backup camera, shredder camera, remote start, door lock/unlock package, HIGH SPEED 7000 lbs per hour shredder, most secure pulverizing shredder and de-ink system on the market with the ability to change shred size to NSA Approved level. Very low miles and AWESOME condition!!! Priced to SELL @ $155,000. Call Michael Sullivan.

Name: Michael Sullivan
Phone: 814-280-6090



Shred Nations



Make: Shredfast PTS 300
Model: Sterling Acterra
Year: 2007
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 115,000
Hours: 4,450
Rates: 6,000
Payload: 9,000
Previous Price: $65,000

Reduced Price: $62,000

2007 Shredfast PTS 300

Great Dependable Truck, push wall unloader, high idle and gauges switches on control panel. Serviced by Penske over life of truck. All systems work very well. Will remove wrap and paint white upon sale. 20' box, back up camera, electric fan upgrade. Updating fleet.

Name: Alex Cordier
Phone: 702-614-0001
Fax: 702-614-0002






Make: Ford F750
Year: 2004
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 148,000
Hours: N/A
Price: $24,500

2004 Ford F750

Mobile Shredder 22' Box Automatic Transmission. Cat Engine.

Name: Ultimate Truck Repair
Phone: 718-231-1256
Fax: 718-231-1529


Make: Vecoplan VST-42e
Chassis: Ford F-750
Year: 2013
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 103,155
Hours: 845
Rates: 6,000 lbs/hr
Payload: 8,000 lbs
Previous Price: $149,900

Reduced Price: $139,000

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2013 Vecoplan VST-42e Ford F-750

2013 VST42e – 6.7 325hp Cummins engine with Allison Transmission. Full refurb on the shredder including new blades. 6,000lb per hour throughput 8,000lb legal payload, with capacity for 10,000lb. Ideal for large purge jobs with a variety of material to include green bar, blue prints, lottery tickets, playing cards, etc. Customer traded this unit in as a SOP for replacing their fleet after a few years in the field. This truck is in tip top shape take a look at the photos to see for yourself!

Name: Luke James
Phone: 336-905-0726
Fax: 336-861-4329


Make: International Series 4400
Model: Shred-Tech MDS-35 GTR
Year: 2010
Transmission Type (Make): Automatic (Allison)

GVWR: 33,000 lbs.
Mileage: 123,779
Hours: 1,044
Rate: 5,000-6,000 lbs. hr.
Payload: 10,000 lbs.
Offloading Mechanism: Walking Floor
Previous Price: $92,900

Reduced Price:

2010 Freightliner UltraShred G3

Looking for a great used 35 GT in excellent shape? This truck is a workhorse and ready for action. Very well maintained. For more information, see our website at:

Name: John Chapman
Phone: 919-405-7143


Make: Freightliner M2 106
Model: UltraShred G3 33
Year: 2011
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 86,735
Hours: 1,830
Rates: 7,000 lbs per hour
Payload: 10,000 lbs
Previous Price: $109,000

Reduced Price: $95,000

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2011 Freightliner M2 106

Very reliable shredder. We are replacing it with a new UltraShred G3 33. Radiator was recently upgraded for better performance in warm weather. Windows have been tinted. Comes with 3 installed bin boxes and 2 sets of bin hooks. It's been well maintained as we have an on staff maintenance crew, a local Freightliner dealer and are close to UltraShred HQ.

Name: Rene Medina
Phone: (509) 586-6090 ext. 160
Fax: (509) 585-1443


Make: Ford
Model: F-550
Year: 2011
Miles: 34,898
Hours: 432
Price: $28,000

2011 Ford F-550

Ford F-550 Shred-Tech Shredder Truck Hours are posted from last inspection 2016

Name: Kyle Staup
Phone: 419-230-8886
Fax: 419-230-8886


Make: Excel
Year: 2015
Hours: 11
Previous Price: $40,000

Reduced Price: $35,000

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2013 Freightliner Shred Tech 26GTX

Excel EX63 Manual Tie Baler. Excellent Condition with low hours.

Name: Desert Document Shredders
Phone: 928-920-4884
Fax: 928-783-0353


Make: Shredfast/Sterling
Model: Model 18' SF-300 PTS
Year: 2005
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 251,408
Hours: 2500
Rates: 5,000 - 6,000 lbs/hour
Payload: 9,500
Price: $45,000

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2006 Shredfast Sterling Model 18 SF-300 PTS

2005 Sterling Acterra 33,000 GVW SF 399-2538, Engine MBE-900 280 HP, Transmission Allison Automatic 3000 series, captain seats, ACS, CD Player, pwr windows, pwr door locks, exterior cab visor, vertical chrome exhaust, tilt, cruise, heated mirrors. 2005 SF-300 Pierce & tear, 18’ body, RLS multi bin lift attachment, 5/8” PTS Shredder head, Compaction system, auto sync feed system, on board observation system, negative pressure system and unloading system. Proactive and extensive inspection, repair & preventive maintenance efforts in past 2 years - records available! ORIGINAL OWNER- ALL REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED!!

Name: Trace Hartridge
Phone: 912-223-3740


Make: Shred-Tech MDS 25 Custom Hard Drive
Model: International DT466
Year: 1999
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 188,000
Hours: Unknown
Rates: 600 Per Hour
Payload: 3,000 Drives
Price: $40,000

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2013 Freightliner Shred Tech 26GTX

Custom Hard Drive Shredding Truck. Shred-Tech MDS Shredder 25 with original compactor / stand removed and new custom stand with conveyor installed. HD System has been in operation for about 2 years and works flawlessly. - See pictures for more descriptions.

Name: Alex Cordier
Phone: 702-614-0001
Fax: 702-614-0002


Make: Freightliner
Model: M2
Year: 2012
GVWR: 33,000
Miles: 132,000
Rates: 7,000
Payload: 10,000
Previous Price: $149,000

Reduced Price: $139,000/ OR BEST OFFER!!!!!!

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2003 Sterling Ultra Shred

UltraShred G3 Shredding Machine
Mostly Rural highway miles. 1,100 Shredding hours. 10,000 lbs capacity. 7,000 lbs/hour shredding. Cameras - back-up and shredder intake, Tires very good. Walking Floor. Allison Trans/6 speed. Cummins 330 HP Engine. 2 Screen sizes. Remote Start. Just replaced all knives & shafts in schedule. Universal Lift. Most service records available.

Name: Robert Greenwald
Office: 410-810-2533
Fax: 410-810-2534


Make: Vecoplan VST 32i
Model: International 4400
Year: 2007
GVWR: 33000
Miles: 137,274
Hours: 1,522
Rates: 2,500
Payload: 9,000
Price: $57,999

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2007 Vecoplan VST 32i International 4400

Truck and shredder in very good condition used as backup. New knife and cutters with a 2" screen & new 1 3/8" screen. Walking floor unloader and Allison auto transmission. It is priced to sell with new truck ordered. Logo & lettering will be removed prior to sale.

Name: Doug Lacey
Office: 712-251-4825


Make: Shredfast
Model: 300 PTS
Year: 2007
Miles: 274,928
Hours: 3,000
Price: $73,500

2007 Shredfast 300 PTS

This SF-300 PTS33 Mobile Document Destruction Truck is equipped with a 280 HP OM-906 Mercedes Benz diesel engine, New Engine installed at 175,000 on 12/20/12 . Allison automatic transmission, 33,000 GVW, Split Shaft/Dual PTO & a 18’ aluminum snap panel body. Shredfast lists this unit with 4,000-4,500 lbs per hour of throughput and a Legal Payload Capacity of 9,000 lbs. Major features of this truck include Electric hydraulic controls, Enclosed lockable operator panel, Safety Vision onboard internal surveillance camera’s, Universal bin latch ability, Walking wall material unloading system, Safety strobe lights, Backup camera, Underbody utility boxes. Length 25’10”, Width 8’, Height 12’ 6”. Wheel base is 246" and Cab to axle is 176".

Name: Paul Garfunkel
Office: 973-403-7788
Cell:    973-868-2345


Make: Shred Tech MDS 2
Model: Hino 258LP
Year: 2013
GVWR: 26,000 lbs
Miles: 39,595 (63,722kms)
Hours: 428
Price: $159,900

2013 Shred Tech MDS 3

The MDS-2 is the perfect addition to your existing fleet or a great way to start your Mobile Shredding business. The MDS-2 is the perfect blend of high performance and compact design. It is very maneuverable and easy to navigate through congested city streets; yet still carries surprising payload of up to 9,000 lbs or up to 14,000 lbs.

Hydraulic Security Shredder, Cast in cleaning fingers, Gripper Tipper Cart Lift System, Solid State Control Panel, Color Viewing Monitor. Remote Start and Stop Capability, Predictive Idle, 220 HP, Hino J08E Diesel Engine & Automatic transmission.

Name: Paul Garfunkel
Office: 973-403-7788
Cell:    973-868-2345


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